As mentioned on the How it Works page, the publisher recommends a Little Acorns Starting Bank of 176 units. This works out at:

Lay StakeStarting BankTarget Profit
£2 per lay£352£14 - £70 per month
£5 per lay£880£35 - £175 per month
£10 per lay£1760£70 - £350 per month
£15 per lay£2640£105 - £525 per month
£20 per lay£3520£140 - £700 per month
£25 per lay£4400£175 - £875 per month
£50 per lay£8800£350 - £1750 per month

Using a £5 lay stake using a fibonacci sequence plan the user will have the following liabilities:

Stake: £5.00          
Bet No:12345678910
Fib Seq:11235813213455
Max Loss:£5£10£20£35£60£100£165£270£440£715


During my first week I found the above plan was very up and down and identified a way to slightly adjust the staking that would hopefully yield better profits… It just drops a 1 from the Fibonacci Sequence but means that when a losing bet is encountered, the next winner recovers the loss and adds a profit. This will be known as the Steady Profit Plan!

Betting Stake:£5.00         
Bet Number12345678910
Fib Sequence123581321345589
Amount to Lay£5.00£10.00£15.00£25.00£40.00£65.00£105.00£170.00£275.00£445.00
Cum Loss Max:£5.00£15.00£30.00£55.00£95.00£160.00£265.00£435.00£710.00£1,155.00