I’ve today been asked when to place Little Acorns bets.

My schedule has been to check the days racing at approx 11am to see if there are any potential picks. I do this via my mobile and run through the line-ups on Smarkets making a note of any races that may provide an opportunity.

Today there are only 2 events taking place : Fontwell with 6 races and an evenings meeting at Wolverhampton with 8 races. It took me 2 minutes to check each card and identify 4 chases that may be of interest. My next step is to check www.gg.co.uk to see if all criteria are met. Again this is a quick search and in under a minute I can see that we now have 3 potential picks – it’s then a case of laying the appropriate horse.

At present there isn’t a great deal of money on the exchange so as of 11:15 we are unable to lay any of the horses. There’s still 3 hours however til the first race so I’ll leave things as they are and re-check after lunch.

When using the level staking plan we do not need to worry about carrying over losses to our lay stake so as soon as a horse is identified a bet can be placed. The time to do so can vary greatly – I’ve previously placed my bets mid morning but days like today when the market is slow it will be best to wait until after 1pm.

So – When to place Little Acorns bets? As the process is straightforward and betting exchange websites are very mobile friendly I am able to make selections whilst working a 9-5 job. As long as you are able to take a couple of 5 minute breaks – one in the morning and one in the afternoon you can make Little Acorns work for you. Bets can be placed as soon as they are identified.

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