A slightly slower week than last – just 10 bets placed over the 7 days but again a small profit…

DateSelectionLay OddsLay StakeWinLossCum P/L
24-Nov13:10 Ffof Lass2.00£5.00-£5.00£64.10
14:25 Catterick2.00£10.00£9.80£73.90
18:45 Newcastle1.98£5.00£4.90£78.80
25-Nov12:30 Huntingdon1.91£5.00-£4.55£74.25
14:40 Ascot1.97£10.00£9.80£84.05
15:25 Huntingdon1.87£5.00-£4.35£79.70
27-Nov12:35 Ludlow1.66£10.00-£6.60£73.10
13:25 Kempton1.56£15.00-£8.40£64.70
28-Nov13:30 Lingfield2.00£25.00£24.50£89.20
30-Nov19:15 Newcastle2.00£5.00-£5.00£84.20
Weekly Stats 
Strike Rate:40.00%
Total Staked:£95.00
% Return:15.89%

This week saw a strike rate of less than 50% but because of the slightly amended staking plan, a 3 point return was still secured.

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