For month 3 of my Little Acorns trial I’ve stuck to £5 stakes. The reason being I’ve not wanted to get ahead of myself – I’m still wary over exposing myself to large liabilities and I’ve been happy with the small profits the service has brought. I’ve been averaging around £200 a week profit since November!).

I’ve been asked to hold back the selection details in my results (apparently it may give the formula away) so this update isn’t as thorough as my previous 2 months but the outcome has been the same – profit and money in my bank…!

The month was quieter – weather hasn’t helped with meetings abandoned and of course Christmas & New Year holidays. Just 32 selections identified but that near 50% strike rate has continued.

Overall Stats:£5 Stakes
Strike Rate:53.13%
Total Staked:£190.00
% Return:17.24%

It’s perhaps time for me to stark raising the stakes – I’ve got a big enough bank so let’s see what February brings.

Anyway – 3 month conclusion = The service continues to deliver and is definitely proving to be a nice addition to the portfolio…

Try it today yourself…

Little Acorns Level Staking Plan

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