I’ve decided for December I am going to trial a different staking plan – I’ll be using the Little Acorns Level Staking Plan – a level bet on each race bet on regardless of the previous result. I’ve mentioned on my posts previously, I am very risk averse and a staking plan that compounds losses isn’t for the feint hearted. That said, I had a great opening month using my own plan but I’d like to see how things go using level stakes. So for December 2017 I’ll be using £5 stakes for all bets placed that the Little Acorns System identifies.

In November I placed 53 bets with approx half of them winning. Assuming we’re going to hit similar results then this should generate a profit, although it won’t be anywhere near the 17 points for last month. This doesn’t bother me too much – I won’t see huge liabilities on the exchange but it will mean my nerves aren’t tested if I hit another 4/5 horse losing streak. Of course it will also give a further sample of results to determine whether the system can be used full time to generate a nice second income stream…

For results as I get on using the Little Acorns Level Staking Plan please check later in the month for system updates. Fingers crossed it’s another winning month!

Should you wish to trial the system yourself you can sign up here…

Little Acorns Level Staking Plan

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