3 weeks = 3 profitable weeks…!

The run continues with 6 winning selections out of 11 – a strike rate of almost 55%

DateSelectionLay OddsLay StakeWinLossCum P/L
17-Nov14:25 Cheltenham2.00£15.00-£15.00£33.35
18:45 Chelmsford1.82£25.00-£20.50£12.85
18-Nov13:15 Cheltenham1.98£40.00£39.20£52.05
13:25 Uttoxeter2.00£5.00£4.90£56.95
20-Nov14:50 Leicester2.00£5.00-£5.00£51.95
21-Nov13:50 Fakenham1.92£10.00£9.80£61.75
14:00 Southwell1.84£5.00£4.90£66.65
14:30 Southwell1.63£5.00£4.90£71.55
22-Nov13:40 Warwick1.91£5.00-£4.55£67.00
17:40 Kempton1.56£5.00-£2.80£64.20
23-Nov15:10 Wincanton1.72£5.00£4.90£69.10
Weekly Stats 
Strike Rate:54.55%
Total Staked:£125.00
% Return:30.80%

Another 4 points added to the total…! Thankfully the losing run was nipped in the bud early and pulled back the profit. Another losing bet would have seen the totals wiped out. Something to think about going forward and I may look at revising the staking plan again. I am very risk averse – I’ve made money using matched betting and locking in profits so to use a system such as this where money is on the line is a little out of my comfort zone. That said, more profit has been made so let’s see if we can keep it going…

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