Hello, it’s been a while since I updated this site.

In the 5 months since I last wrote I’ve been using the Little Acorns Horse Racing System I’ve been dipping in and out. I’ve found my time being used on my Profit Maximiser strategies which really do bring in a brilliant, steady income. I’m averaging £800 a month so far in 2018. I’m due to sign up for my 5th year this month so I would say I’m well versed in what to do and that definitely helps bring in the high returns but there’s still no reason why a newcomer can’t pull in £200 – £300 a month doing bread and butter offers.

Anyway – Little Acorns…! I’ve not been keeping detailed records of the horses layed but I do know it’s brought in a couple of hundred quid over the last few months. Not a massive amount (and why you’ll see I feel my time is best spent elsewhere), however when days are quiet with other offers I know I can dip in and maybe bring in a fiver every now and then.

The system is easy to remember so it’s simple to go back to. A quick look at the race cards, a cross check and note of the horse to potentially lay. I’ll then go back to the exchange close to the off and place the bet.

Do I still recommend this product? Yes and no.. I’ve said before – it’s not going to bring in huge amounts but it is a system that does work, give it a try, you can always ask for your money back from the vendor if it’s not for you…

Little Acorns Level Staking Plan

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