I’ve been trialling the system for one month now and the question of Does Little Acorns Work? is starting to be answered. So far it’s a yes!

I’ve placed 53 bets hitting 26 winners. Using my initial stake of £5 per point I’m up 17 points – just below £85.

There have been a few heebee jeebees along the way – a few horse losing streak requires nerves as the staking plan is increased but I’m pleased to say that the losing sequence hasn’t been too long and my starting bank was never in jeopardy.

The stats are:

Overall Stats:£5 Stakes
Strike Rate:49.06%
Total Staked:£430.00
% Return:19.58%

I’m not inclined to up my £5 stake just yet – Let’s see if things continue in the same form. I’ve previously followed tipsters and know that things can quickly turn sour but I’m please to say that my results back up what I’ve read online – the system does have potential and is a nice addition to another service I use – Profit Maximiser.

So does Little Acorns work? My initial impression of Little Acorns is very positive but it’s impossible to confirm at this stage whether it will continue to be successful long term. As we get deep into the Winter weather results may change as conditions worsen and fields change. Let’s see – I’m looking forward to December and the profits that are available…!

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