I’ve been trialling level £5 stakes on Little Acorns for the previous week and the results have been positive. A profit has been gained although not as much as in November

DateSelectionLay OddsLay StakeWinLossCum P/L
01-Dec13:50 Newbury2.00£5.00£4.90£89.10
19:15 Chelmsford1.93£5.00£4.90£94.00
02-Dec12:05 Doncaster1.59£5.00£2.95£91.05
12:10 Newbury1.65£5.00£4.90£95.95
03-Dec13:20 Carlisle1.64£5.00£3.20£92.75
04-Dec11:50 Southwell1.85£5.00£4.25£88.50
15:20 Southwell1.8£5.00£4.90£93.40
16:10 Wolverhampton2.00£5.00£4.90£98.30
06-Dec11:40 Lingfield1.53£5.00£2.65£95.65
14:35 Ludlow1.91£5.00£4.90£100.55
07-Dec12:50 Market Raison1.54£5.00£2.70£97.85
14:50 Leicester2.00£5.00£4.90£102.75
Weekly Stats 
Strike Rate:58.33%
Total Staked:£60.00
% Return:30.91%

The immediate stat that I notice is my return on investment has increased by quite a lot. It’s upto 31% this week – almost double the previous week. This is obviously down to the level stakes – I’m not having to ramp up the amount bet after a winner.

So far so good…!

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