During my first week I found that for most steps forward I found myself taking one step back. The suggested Fibonacci sequence staking plan shows that the same stake is used after the first loss so any potential returns would be used to wipe out the previous losing selection.

I am therefore going to slightly adjust the staking plan so that the first bet after a losing lay recovers the money lost and also allows for 1 unit profit:

Betting Stake:£5.00         
Bet Number12345678910
Fib Sequence123581321345589
Amount to Lay£5.00£10.00£15.00£25.00£40.00£65.00£105.00£170.00£275.00£445.00
Cum Loss Max:£5.00£15.00£30.00£55.00£95.00£160.00£265.00£435.00£710.00£1,155.00

This new system will see larger lays earlier on if and when I encounter a losing run however my bank is large enough to stand it. Looking at the figures I think I can cope with 3 or 4 race losing streak but seeing accumulative losses of £200+ may be tough mentally even though I know 1 result and that loss is recovered…!

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