Yesterday saw the end of the second week of staking on the Little Acorns System and the first week of trialling a revised staking plan.

This week, like the first, provided 16 selections but with a strike rate of 9 winners:

DateSelectionLay OddsLay StakeWinLossCum P/L
10-Nov13:50 Warwick1.52£5.00£4.90£17.90
11-Nov14:25 Wincanton1.56£5.00-£2.80£15.10
15:30 Naas2.00£10.00£9.80£24.90
12-Nov13:40 Navan1.66£5.00-£3.30£21.60
16:05 Ffos Las2.00£10.00£9.80£31.40
13-Nov14:35 Carlisle2.00£5.00-£5.00£26.40
14-Nov13:10 Huntington1.99£10.00£9.80£36.20
14:10 Huntington1.97£5.00£4.90£41.10
15-Nov12:45 Fairyhouse1.80£5.00£4.90£46.00
13:50 Fairyhouse1.88£5.00£4.90£50.90
14:55 Fairyhouse1.84£5.00-£4.20£46.70
15:20 Bangor2.00£10.00£9.80£56.50
16:15 Newcastle2.00£5.00-£5.00£51.50
16-Nov13:25 Ludlow2.00£10.00£9.80£61.30
14:50 Clonmel1.87£5.00-£4.35£56.95
15:55 Clonmel1.86£10.00-£8.60£48.35
Weekly Stats 
Strike Rate:56.25%
Total Staked:£110.00
% Return:35.00%

A nice 7 points profit has been achieved though it could be more but for a 2 race losing streak yesterday. My next lay will be my largest placed so far (still only £15) and I’ll be honest I do have heebee jeebees! Another couple of losses will see lay stakes of £40 introduced (8 points) and any profit gone. Let’s see how it goes. I think it’s a case of staying headstrong and going with statistics. In my relatively small sample I’ve found only half of odds on favourites have gone on to win. As I’ve mentioned previously I have a large enough bank to stand a losing run but it would be nice to have it nipped in the bud early!

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