Ok, so I have been testing the Little Acorns Lay system for 1 week now. Initial impressions are good and I can see that the service does have the potential to churn out constant small profits.

I have a fairly large betting bank but have decided to start with £5 stakes whilst I get the hang of the system and see whether the author’s claims of bringing in 7 – 35 points per month are true.

I have a spreadsheet set up for my progress which also lists my staking plan and shows my maximum exposure and loss…

Stake: £5.00          
Bet No:12345678910
Fib Seq:11235813213455
Max Loss:£5£10£20£35£60£100£165£270£440£715

As you can see, if I were to go on a losing run of 6 selections I would need to lay £65 on my 7th bet. I would also require a bank of at least £165 to stand the losses gained.

During the first week I placed 16 bets and had 7 winners:

DateSelectionLay OddsLay StakeWinLossCum P/L
03-NovWetherby 13:251.86£5.00-£4.30-£4.30
Wetherby 14:002.00£5.00-£5.00-£9.30
Newmarket 14:552.00£10.00£9.80£0.50
Down Royal 16:101.65£5.00-3.25-£2.75
Newcastle 18:451.91£5.00£4.90£2.15
04-NovNo Selections
05-NovHuntingdon 13:152.00£5.00-£5.00-£2.85
Carlisle 15:351.91£5.00-£4.55-£7.40
06-NovPlumpton 16:102.00£10.00£9.80£2.40
07-NovFairyhouse 13:251.96£5.00£4.90£7.30
Exeter 13:302.00£5.00-£5.00£2.30
Fairyhouse 13:552.00£5.00£4.90£7.20
08-NovMusselborough 13:152.00£5.00-£5.00£2.20
09-NovMarket Rason 15:101.91£5.00-£4.55-£2.35
Thurles 16:102.00£10.00£9.80£7.45
Chelmsford 17:151.85£5.00-£4.25£3.20
Chelmsford 20:152.00£10.00£9.80£13.00
Strike Rate:43.75%
Total Staked:£100.00
% Return:13%


During the 7 days the longest losing run was just 2 races meaning my largest total exposure on the 3rd selection was £20.00.

With a strike rate of just under 50% I found it frustrating that I would reach profit and then see it disappear almost straightaway however on the last day of week 1 I spotted the opportunity to slightly adjust my staking plan in order to (hopefully) increase my profits. More on that here.

A profit of £13.00 however from £5 stakes in week 1 looks promising. Had I gone in straightaway at £20 stakes I would have had £52 in my account. I’m not quite ready to jump in at that much just yet tho – let’s hope week 2 continues in the same way…


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