Little Acorns provides you with a system for identifying selections which are then layed to lose on the betting exchange – be that Betfair, Smarkets or Betdaq.

There are a number of parameters that when lined up provide you with a horse to lay. The main identifier is that the favourite horse is priced at evens or below. Because of this the user is not exposed to large liabilities should the horse go on to win.

It is a really easy to use system – once you have used the formula a handful of times it becomes second nature and takes 5-10 minutes to analyse the days races and identify possible selections.

Typically the user will have a look at the days racing mid morning – viewing race cards and noting any potential horses to lay. Once this has been done a second parameter is introduced – this involves cross referencing the favourite on the exchange to see whether it has a certain identifier. We can then rule out selections if this is the case.

Lay bets are placed any time from when the identifiers are met up until the race start. It can be done via mobile so you do not have to sit at a PC all day. Have your selections noted and periodically check to see whether a bet can be placed. I have found myself identifying around 6 possible races in the morning but on average am placing 2 bets per day.

The system uses a loss recovery plan. This along with small and steady returns may put people off, personally I feel profit is profit – bring me slow and steady any day of the week! Once a bank is built up, lay stakes can be increased therefore increasing return.

The publisher claims Little Acorns can return between 7 and 35 points per month. On £5 lays this equates to £35 – £175 per month or £70 – £350 using £10 stakes. Increase the lay stake to £20 and returns of between £140 – £700 are possible. Of course the size of the lay bets will depend on your betting bank. Here they recommend a betting bank of 176 points. So £5 lays = £880, £10 lays = £1,760 & £20 lays = £3,520.

You should only risk what you can afford to lose. However because of the loss recovery plan, although you may see your bank depleted, you are only one winning lay away from being back in front. It is important that you do have the bank to cover a losing run. For more information on this see starting bank & staking plans.